Scaffold Tower Hire bromsgrove redditch

Single Width Scaffold Tower


From - £60.00 ex VAT

We stock single width aluminium access towers. These industrial modular scaffold towers are perfect for use when space is at a premium e.g stairwells, alleyways and factories. The scaffold tower hire includes castors for easy mobility when erected. Towers measure 5m x 0.75m 

Scaffold Board Hire bromsgrove redditch

Scaffold Boards 13ft


From - £1.50 ex VAT

We stock scaffold boards for use with scaffolding towers to create a load bearing platform while working at heights, bridging gaps and boarding walkways. Scaffold boards are graded and come in 13ft lengths.

Steel Trestle Hire bromsgrove redditch

Steel Trestles


​From - £2.00​ ex VAT

Steel trestle tables provide a versatile and stable working platform at a raised elevation, perfect for bricklaying, plastering and painting.

Genie Hoist Hire bromsgrove redditch

Genie Hoists


​1 Day - £50.00 ex VAT

2 Day - £65​.00 ex VAT

3 Day - £75.00 ex VAT

​Week - £100​.00 ex VAT 

Compact hoist that can be moved through standard single doorways and loads easily into vehicles.
Manually operated and able to safely lift up to 363 kg (1,000lbs) of material to a height of 4.98m (16ft 4 in)

Telescopic Ladder Hire bromsgrove redditch

Telescopic Ladders

​1 Day - £10.00 ex VAT

2 Day - £12​.00 ex VAT

3 Day - £15.00 ex VAT

​Week - £20.00 ex VAT

3.8m (12ft5) foldable telescopic style climb ladder. Anodised aluminium finish - clean to touch. Foldable design, convenient to use and easy to carry around. Great helper for both indoor household use and outdoor activities.

Fibreglass Ladder Hire bromsgrove redditch

Fibreglass Ladders


​1 Day - £10.00 ex VAT

2 Day - £12.00 ex VAT

3 Day - £15.00 ex VAT

​Week - £20.00 ex VAT

Fibreglass step ladders. designed to withstand heavy trade use and are non-conductive to 30,000 volts making them perfect for electrical use.

Ladder Stand Off Hire bromsgrove redditch

Ladder Stand-offs


​1 Day - £2.50 ex VAT

2 Day - £5​.00 ex VAT

3 Day - £7.50 ex VAT

​Week - £10.00 ex VAT

Holds your ladder 14' (355mm) clear of any wall, detachable, quick and easy to fit.
Weight 2.5Kg

Builders Platform Hire bromsgrove redditch

Builders Platforms


​1 Day - £10.00 ex VAT

2 Day - £12.00 ex VAT

3 Day - £15.00 ex VAT

​Week - £20.00 ex VAT

Ideal for all those jobs where longer arms or legs are required

Max working load 100 Kg (15.5 Stone)
Non slip rubberised feet
Folds away for easy carrying and storage.

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